3 zero waste gift wrapping ideas

Finally, Christmas is upon us! Now is the time to shop for gifts for loved ones. What if we gave you a new challenge this year? Wrap your presents without any wax paper!

Methode #1 : Fabric wrapping

Fabric wraps are increasingly popular. There is a Japanese technique called furoshiki which allows you to create beautiful gift wrapping.

To learn more about this method, here is a video posted by the Huff Post.

Method #2 : Reusable bags

Reusable bags are now part of everyday life. They are sold in multiple places. Why not use them to give your gifts? If you already have one, it's a great idea to reduce your packaging expenses!

If you want to buy bags especially for the holiday season, Etsy has a huge selection of pretty cute items.

Method #3 : Newsprint

We all get newspapers at home. They are often reused to start fires or to protect fragile objects during transport. It is also a great idea to use it as wrapping paper. Your loved ones will find you original and you will do a good deed!

Now you are ready to celebrate a greener Christmas. Do not hesitate to share your best zero waste packaging ideas with us. Happy Holidays!