5 products to buy in bulk

You would have guessed it, our ultimate goal at Ekoverda is to make you aware of a healthy and plastic free life. Who says decrease in plastic, says decrease in the purchase of daily products. And here of course we are talking more about purchases in grocery stores or supermarkets where these products are individually packaged and do not encourage an eco-responsible lifestyle.

Make no mistake, we have the solution for you. Several products are essential and that is why there are stores selling bulk products to limit packaging and reuse your containers.

Here are 5 products to buy in bulk that you wouldn't have thought of:

1. Shampoos

You are surely not the only ones who buy your shampoos and cleansing gels in grocery stores. Yet the majority of bulk commodity stores offer this filling service. It's simple, just take an old empty soap bottle and reuse it over and over again!

Our best advice: shampoo bars. We all already know bar body soaps, but when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, this is a brilliant initiative to say the least!

2. Milk

You will probably find this idea strange. We find it rather innovative. This action will greatly reduce the boxes and it reminds us of the time when we had a milk merchant who knocked on doors with his bottles full of delicious milk! There is no doubt, we recommend!

3. Cosmetics

Ah! These famous cosmetics, difficult to do without, is not it? Obviously we have a more ecological approach to reduce the environmental impact of cosmetics.  We know how there is a huge number of cosmetic packaging that goes straight to the trash. One thing is certain, it is an alternative to adopt!

4. Toothpaste

Toothpaste, but what a waste. And here, don't get me wrong, we're talking about the overwrapping aspect of toothpaste! It is bought in a plastic tube (!!), which is found in a small cardboard box. But of course toothpaste is one of the many products to be obtained in bulk.

5. Organic baby soap

The last product to introduce you to, but not the least, is baby soaps and shampoos. And yes, after filling your own bottles, you must also fill those of your little ones.

To equip yourself with more eco-friendly products, visit our Ekoverda products pages. We are committed to the preservation of the environment, that's why our products are plastic-free and ecological.