A little more about our laundry ball...

Our laundry ball allows you to wash your laundry without detergent. This is also good to know that you will also save money!

The advantages of the laundry ball

While being ecological and economic, the laundry ball is made of natural ceramics placed in a non-toxic plastic ball. By using it, you will reduce the allergic risks linked to the use of certain detergents.

The laundry ball also helps your laundry to preserve itself better against discoloration and oxidation caused by the chlorine contained in the water. Also, your fabrics will keep their elasticity much better.

This ball requires no maintenance, is ready to use and can be reused up to 600 wash loads. This means, if you do 3 loads peer week, the ball is good 4 years!

How the laundry ball works

The ceramic balls break up the hydrogen compounds in the water, which reduce water particles. This action then allows the water to have a greater capacity to penetrate the fabric.

Also, the laundry ball weakens the adherence of dirt. This action will allow the dirt to come off more easily without the help of detergent.

Finally, these ceramic balls help maintain a proper pH level, making it easier to treat most greasy stains.

How to use it?

Simply place it in your washing machine in the middle of your laundry. No need to put any detergent in it because the laundry ball takes care of everything. Its effectiveness can last up to 4 years depending on the number of uses.

Since the ball contains no odor, it is much less toxic. This is also a perfect match for those who suffer from allergies. If you wish to have a scent on your clothes, we recommend our dryer balls and our fragrance. Since the fragrance is oil-free, it can go in the dryer. We put 4 to 6 drops on the balls. And off into your dryer!

In fact, we offer a set of our three laundry products. This box will allow you to clean your laundry while respecting the environment! 

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