Bamboo and its benefits

We know bamboo well when we think of pandas given their almost exclusive bamboo diet. But know that these plants provide remarkable benefits to the environment. This is why we favor this material.

During its growth, bamboo diffuses 30% more oxygen than hardwood. The composition of its leaves helps in better infiltration of water in the soil up to twice as much as its cousin. We must not lie to each other, these are significant data for the preservation of a healthy environment.

If I told you that bamboo has the smallest ecological footprint compared to steel, concrete and exotic wood, would you believe me? Well, that's the truth. Its ecological performance and durability are quite exceptional.

As it is a particularly invasive plant, it can quickly affect biodiversity through its rapid colonization and invasive roots. Bamboo is not an endangered plant, quite the contrary. This is a reason to cultivate it, especially since its uses are numerous. Architecture, navigation, sculpture, fishery, various objects, there are so many varied uses with bamboo that we can only thank this plant for existing.

There you have it, you now know the reasons why Ekoverda will prioritize bamboo as a raw material.