Organic cotton love

To protect our natural ecosystem, a zero waste movement has been taking place in recent years. Several actions have been undertaken such as local purchasing, composting, reducing the purchase of disposable products, etc. There are so many ways to preserve the environment that there is something for everyone.

Moreover, in the agricultural world, we are seeing the birth of organic cotton. This cotton has multiple ecological advantages. Organic cotton protects the soil, the lives of workers and consumers. Why?

Organic cotton is grown without any pesticides and is proven to contain fewer allergens than conventional cotton.

Conventional cotton cultivation is one of the most polluting in the world, using a quarter of the pesticides sold. Organic cotton, for its part, is much more ecological: it makes it possible to limit the use of fertilizers and toxic chemicals for the environment, biodiversity and humans, to naturally oxygenate the earth, to respect the seasons, reduce water consumption and promote natural compost.

Coton biologique

That's not all. The making of products from organic cotton also has its share of advantages. Although its price may be slightly higher, the cotton quality is better, the fiber is thicker and the fabric is softer.

This is why, at Ekoverda, we will always prioritize products made of organic cotton. Discover our ecological products!