Reduce your drinking water consumption

With the arrival of summer, several outdoor chores are added: watering the lawn, cleaning vehicles and filling swimming pools. Since these chores are carried out with drinking water, Some locations are encountering water treatment problems. Notices to ban the use of drinking water outdoors have been issued. To avoid the worst, here are 6 tips to reduce your water consumption.

1. Take showers instead of baths

The bath takes, on average, 150 liters of water, while a shower takes 60 liters. In addition, by turning off the water during soaping, you can save up to 40 liters of additional water! 20 liters of water rather than 150 liters, that's quite a difference at the provincial level!

2. Turn off tap

If you let the water run for just one minute, you have just consumed 12 liters of water. Turn off the tap water when you brush your teeth, when you clean your dishes or when you soap your hands.

3. Using the dishwasher's "eco" mode

If you have this mode on your dishwasher, prioritize it as often as possible. Otherwise, maximize the space in your dishwasher and only leave it when it's full. Rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher only if it is necessary. This way, you won't consume the water unnecessarily.

4. Collect rain water

In Quebec, it is mainly drinking water that comes from outdoor installations, such as garden hoses. By collecting rainwater, you will avoid using this water unnecessarily.

5. Choose your plants according to their water needs

Are you doing your landscaping? Choose plants and flowers with less water requirement. You will therefore save on watering them.

6. Wash in cold water

If you are used to doing your laundry in hot water, now is the time for a change. Cold water cleaning is as effective as hot water cleaning and saves water a lot. Moreover, our reusable laundry ball allows the use of cold water, in addition to avoiding any polluting detergent.

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