Reduce your waste!

It is estimated that 60% of the waste is organic material. How is it possible that in 2021, so much organic waste will still be in the garbage? There are several options to avoid clogging landfills with materials that can be recycled. 

  1. Use them as an energy source with biomethanization;
  2. Recycle glass, plastic, cardboard and metals;
  3. Consign what can be consigned;
  4. And above all, use composting!

What you need to know is that every action counts. Start with small actions on a daily basis. In fact, a good way to go green is to reduce your consumption of disposable plastic as much as possible.

Prioritize eco-friendly materials, sush as our reusable lids! Another environmentally friendly way is to minimize the discharge of chemicals into the water. Use our washing balls.

If you want to stay on top of environmental news, follow WWF in its ecological mission! We are proud to support an organization like this in its environmental fight.