The coronavirus, an ally for the environment

While it causes the suspension of our usual lives and sows concern for the entire population, the coronavirus has a completely different impact on the environment.

Since the closure of a large majority of factories, the implementation of containment measures and the addition of traffic restrictions, a rather unexpected drop in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has occurred. More than astonishing data came out of a recent study on the specialized site Carbon Brief. Indeed, China, the largest emitter of GHGs in the world, noted a reduction in its emissions and energy consumption of 100 million tonnes compared to the same period in 2019. This collapse is equivalent to a quarter of its gas production.

To add to this good news, the aviation sector, which nevertheless accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions, has also seen its production decrease. In addition, the reduction in the consumption of coal and oil, in particular by restricting travel, shows a negative deviation of 25% still compared to last year, a decrease totaling 6% in global emissions.

The effects of these reductions in greenhouse gases are more than positive for our ecosystem. We must not hide it, many are skeptical about the continuity of this momentum. With the economic delay that the epidemic will cause, factories may try to maximize their production in order to compensate for their monetary losses.

This is why it is necessary to change our lifestyles and return to an eco-responsible lifestyle. We are here to help you. Our products are made without plastic and environmentally friendly so that everyone can benefit from a healthy environment.