Time to clean up!

The return of buds and warmth invites us to enjoy the fresh air! More people outside also means more hygiene precautions. With the virus still hounding us, let's take advantage of the sun!

Take out your tea towels, your disinfectant solution and clean! Use a good ecological disinfectant made from white vinegar and tackle the germs.


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Start by disinfecting your surfaces and floors. Then, your door and drawer handles. The virus can stay for days on some surfaces! It is important not to let it hang on to it. In a circumstance conducive to the transmission of the virus, it is necessary to be doubly careful.

When you go out shopping, you find yourself in a crowded environment. It is therefore important to properly disinfect your car when you return: steering wheel, dashboard, controls, gear lever, carpet, everything! For the safety of passengers and the public, this step should not be skipped.

And above all, wash your hands and keep your distance!

Take advantage of your free time to start the spring cleaning. Several household items are available to you at Ekoverda:
  • By their simplicity, the laundry balls will make it easier for you to clean clothes and sheets;
  • By their practicality, silicone bags will reorganize your refrigerator and keep your food fresh.