Why do we love silicone?

People are mistaking silicone for plastic. With its flexible material similar to plastic, doubts are understandable. However, silicone does not contain any pollutants! So let's take a look at its benefits.

Approved materials

Silicone contains the same materials as glass and ceramic. These materials are found in sand and rocks, they are part of the natural environment. Silicone is also filled with oxygen and is not made from petroleum like its enemy, plastic. Moreover, silicone is approved by the Federal Drugs Administration and Health Canada for its food preservation qualities.

Thermal resistance

One of the reasons we choose silicone as one of our environmentally friendly materials is because of its high resistance to thermal changes. Indeed, as there is a lot of plastic in kitchen accessories, we were looking for an alternative that would suit the multiple uses of plastic. Silicone, which can withstand temperatures between -40 and 250 degrees Celsius without disturbing its stability, remains one of the best materials to cover all the uses of plastic dishes.


Unlike plastic, silicone does not release toxic particles when used within the recommended temperatures. As for plastic, when in contact with food and heat, it releases toxins that are harmful to health.


We love silicone because, in addition to being non-polluting and non-toxic, it is more efficient than a plastic dish. It is simple, it is possible to completely release the air from its packaging allowing it to better preserve the food and its freezing keeps the flavors of the food intact.


Its material is resistant, but unfortunately is not biodegradable like bamboo, for example. However, it is a zero waste method since we can reuse it for years, if not all your life.

For all these reasons, we prioritize products made of 100% silicone. This material, durable over time, is an excellent alternative to plastic which pollutes the environment. So, what are you waiting for to get your own ecological products? Visit our product page, it contains reusable lids that will please you!